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SATO CT 400 compact thermal-transfer etiquette printer

  • space-saving


  • portableó

  • low operating cost of equipment

The patient will be able to exchange the end!!!

Short Description
We offer a table Ribbon (thermal transfer) etiquette printer equipment, as well as armbands during roll packages based on megszemélyesítetlen. The armband stream (available in different colors and sizes, but also available in custom előnyomtatással) to megnyomtatás with the correct information (patient in an alphanumeric data and in coded piece of information, e.g. for the purpose of collecting data on the bar code, szkenneres) tépjük pieces, using a unique perforation or even the vágós option so automatically. No more back and forth, as in the accompanying clip, the captain of the patient's wrists. The solution outlined in Japan and most Western European countries have also established and is used in hospitals.


  • The roll materials printing etikettnyomtató and the coil is easy to use, comfortable armband, cost-saving.

  • In contrast to the wristband that is assigned to nyomdáktól in that moment in time and in sufficient quantity to produce the desired media.

  • Office printers as opposed to multiple speed and longevity.

  • The armband, waterproof and UV-health criteria.

  • From the moment the print all the events can be logged to any database. All this can be done up to RF for mobile terminals, which provides you with the most extreme of situations and places of capture.

  • The unit can be connected to an existing PC, in addition, the hospital is able to use an existing database.

Technical parameters:

Resolution:                  Standard memory:
 203 dpi                 8 MB SDRAM, 2 MB Falsh   
Max. print width:
 104 mm                        height: 165 mm

Max. print length: 400 mm                        width: 640 mm     

Maximum print width:
 118 mm                         depth: 230 mm

Max. nyomtatási sebesség:   150 mm/sec                    

IEEE 1284                                                

RS 232C
   USB     LAN                                              

Weight: 3 kg


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