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Cégismertető - Meditervill

Tartalomhoz ugrás


Corporate Information

A little historical overview

14 december 1991-I Wardenburgban the Medi-System in the Office of the co-owners to resolve Medi-Tervill German-Hungarian Trade and service Kft. The name of the company has been operating in Tervill Electrical Tervill Kisszövetkezet "Research Development" (design-electricity in abbreviated form), as well as the name indicates the Medi-System GmbH, the name includes "Medi".

of 30 April 1992, the registration takes place, 7 members.

in March 1997 the Medi-System GmbH has its own share of sells the Medi-Tervill Kft., you will cease to be the company's "German-Hungarian".

in 2002, ownership will be broadened.


Initially, the plastics processing industry in addition to the distribution of medical technology equipment work in the main areas of activity. Later growing to broaden sales of equipment to the bedpan washing, 1998. technology is added to the cemetery in January.

Currently the Organization's main scope of delivery, equipment installation, bedpan washing service. Supply, installation of equipment, Pathology Service. Cemetery renovation, construction technology mortuaries and clean spaces.


The company, a company that has a center distance: 25 km.

Quality Policy

The activities of the Medi-Centre Tervill Kft is the customer. We strive to be on the set and the required needs constantly and fully live up to confidence, maintain or strengthen. The company's management and staff are aware of the results that our customers will be awarded on the basis of the quality of products and services in our company

The Medi-care Tervill Kft. is particularly high, the increase in the level of service, continued, and increase the effectiveness of the service activity. With our customers, suppliers, and those who identify with our company quality objectives, long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, we intend to maintain.

In order to achieve our goals and maintaining the quality system we are introducing, and we are committed to complying with MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard requirements. The quality system shall ensure permanent quality of our services and our customers ' satisfaction for continuous improvement of the quality.

We are convinced that our competitiveness on the market just by raising the efficiency of the quality system, improve the standing and, therefore, the effective operation of the quality system, strengthen the confidence of our customers, our employees ' satisfaction and commitment to quality, regulated processes.

We make sure that the quality policy of the company's employees understand, implement, and maintain. To ensure the effective operation of the quality system with the necessary human, technical and financial resources. The development of minőségtudat, the commitment to quality is maintained, foster quality improvements in the continuity of the regular workers ' training and self-monitored.

The Medi-Tervill Management Ltd. all staff expects to provide most of the activity of our customers ' needs in full.


Our goal is to ensure our customers ' maximum satisfaction of our owners cherish for many, and. Preventive measures to avoid customer complaints the number of complaints and the complaint costs to a minimum.

The development of the quality management system.

The latest grant opportunities, application forms.

Efficient, well trained workforce.

To maintain the confidence of our customers, old and new partners to strengthen confidence.

During the service, the minimum burden on our customers.

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