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Pathology equipment

Technical specifications

  • Refrigerated Chambers walkthrough

  • Overview of refrigeration units

  • an overview of the equipment supplier and corpse cadaver tables overview

  • Autopsy tables overview

  • blower module (integrated daylight lighting) overview

  • Overview of the starter tables

  • An overview of body balance

  • Autopsy saws overview (skull)

Refrigerating Chambers

Standard Equipment

  • Lighting

  • Hinge Door

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Pressure regulating valve

  • Lighting switch control light

  • Standard or digital temperature adjustment

Cool storage

Refrigerating Chambers

Freezer containers

+3 ° C to +19 ° C
60 mm insulation
Insulated floors, or floors without
Width: 1500-3000 mm
Length: 1200-6000 mm
Ceiling height: 1830, 2030, 2330 mm

from -20 ° C up to 60 ° C
80 or 100 mm insulation
B1 or B3 material class (German standard DIN part 41021)
Insulated floors, or floors without
Width: 1500-6000 mm
6000 mm top suspension
Length: 1200-infinity
Ceiling height: 1950, 2250, 2550 mm

+50 ° C to +60 ° C
120 or 150 mm insulation
B1 or B3 material class (German standard DIN part 41021)
Insulated floors, or floors without
On-demand sizes

Short description
Sophisticated production procedures achieve the exact scaling. The refrigerated Chambers are made of modular construction panels a homogeneous cycloizopentánnal cross-linked poliuretánnal is foamed instead. The exact scale of the impressive hűtőkamráink, the rugged construction and a high degree of stability. The sandwich construction, as well as the összeépítésnél to the most eccentric kapcsolóelemeknek used due to heat transfer coefficient values, and can be easily and quickly assembled and can be extended in the future, which is a valuable asset.

The high endurance and stability on the basis of a constructive interface binding and a stainless steel bolt system of labyrinth eccentric locking mechanism. The outer casing is high-temperature electrical panels of sheet metal, which we burn 180 ° C in an eco-friendly polyester coating process, in such a way that even an average 70-micron thick cut surfaces of the coating. High technical and aesthetic requirements of our clients for 1.4301 (V2A) offers outstanding durability as steel austenites corrosion, by default, the floor tracks inventory, demand-side walls.

The modular structure has proven constructive systems ensures the optimal insulation. To avoid the lock-ups and the vapors of precipitation. When the cold room, the optional-door switch turns off the cooling unit fan (only the freezer-stores), so that the excess heat is used to prevent withdrawal and saving energy, which is also from the cost savings, in addition to maximize the cooling systems with high performance and low energy consumption.

Refrigeration Units

Chamber roof-mounted refrigeration units

Split refrigeration units

Wall-mounted refrigeration units

Easily mounted on top of the refrigerated Chambers, so the cold room is in an optimal way, small footprint, electrical regulations. You can use network connectivity to multiple cooling unit. 700 W cooling capacity 2600-the fridge and freezer containers, the water helps. Refrigerant R404. The cooler is manufactured in compliance with European Union standards. CE certification.

Traditional cold room refrigeration units or assembled in advance, refrigerated rooms are suitable for the installation. the evaporator and the aggregate unit max. 15 m from the separately installable, electrical regulations. 2750 W cooling capacity 900-the fridge and freezer containers. Or hot gas defrost, electric or 3 ° C heat range. Refrigerant R134 (R404 A freezer-storage enclosures). The cooler is manufactured in compliance with European Union standards. CE certification.

The wall-mounted refrigeration units mounted on the side of the page, or refrigerating Chambers 60-150 mm thick walls, electric refrigerated premises or thermostat. 1700-2750 W cooling capacity for refrigeration and freezer containers. Or hot gas defrost, electric or 3 ° C heat range. Refrigerant R134 (R404 A freezer-storage enclosures). The cooler is manufactured in compliance with European Union standards. In addition to the CE certification

corpse cadaver and equipment transporter

Standard Equipment

  • Self-lubricating bushings on the wrist

  • corpse tray designed roller adaptor

  • the ~ 900 mm-height sliding grip with removable

  • Stable steel frame torsion-free

  • Protected against splashing water, dust sealed ball wearing elastic, durable air trainset is provided with wheels

Grade corpse transport equipment

Hydraulic equipment for lifting and carrying the corpse for corpse

Length: approx. 2080 mm
Width: approx. 640 mm
Height: approx. 550 mm
Wheels:. 310x55 mm
Carrying capacity: CA. 250 kg
4 x wheels of direction

Length: approx. 2170 mm
Width: approx. 650 mm
Minimum lifting height: approx. 280 mm
Maximum lifting height: approx. 1820 mm
Wheels:. 125 mm
Carrying capacity: CA. 250 kg
2 pieces of 2 x with brake and directional wheels
Integrated hydraulic unit
The foot pedal for lifting and lowering can be carried out continuously

Types of possible on-demand

  • Grade corpse transport equipment

  • Hydraulic equipment for corpse and corpse breast

  • Electro-hydraulic cadaver and transport equipment

  • 90 ° swivel adaptor

  • 45 ° tilting adaptor

  • Special needs if possible

Short description
Solid torsion-free steel frame, silver-colored stove-varnished brand or entirely made of stainless steel.
The burden is always on the move with a roller tray overlay, so that in all cases sharing workloads on the cadaver.
The corpse of the breast is an important, taking into account the safety and health requirements, after careful analysis of the hazards designed and constructed; as regards the remaining risks which occur and, of these, danger decals warn.

Autopsy table with a column in the middle.

Standard Equipment
stainless steel 1.4301 cokers. Hot and cold water, shower holder cover lens, protected against splashing water, 220-volt electrical outlets, electrical equipment (e.g.: skull saw, etc.). Maintenance door part that rolls, the devices are made of hard chrome copper. The shower hose 2 fm. Easy to clean the bottom flange, 4 height adjustable legs.
Polyurethane rigid foam insulation noise reduction on the table top and bottom section, anhydrous. Seamless integrated with main body, bracket, profile, only rounded corners, with a negative slant towards the discharge by squeezing. Prominent residual stand.

Dimensions: 2600x850x850 mm (length x width x height)


Available accessories

  • Body made of stainless steel 1.4301 cokers table. Hygienic cutting surface on the edge of the hole and the autopsy table planted. Drip tray under the cutting surface drainage. Instrument holder tray punched and pull-out (7008 50x500x320 mm), which is the autopsy table at the edge of sliding.

  • Neck lifting: stainless steel, semicircular, rubber pads.

  • Body lift: PVC hard rubber

Types of possible on-demand

  • Fixed table

  • Table top height adjustable Commission: 780-1000 mm

  • Table 45 ° in two directions-in ball joint

  • Table top height adjustable 45 ° in two directions, the Commission-in ball joint

Supply air element integrated daylight lighting

Standard Equipment
White powder painted steel sheet, anodized or stainless steel sheet 1.4301 cokers. 3 or 6 daylight illumination with tax. The light on the surface of the table top is evenly scattered, the Parabolic grid. To set the rotation of the ventilation openings. Simply replace the lamps.

The ventilation element the Central ventilation system through the marking of the air from the supply air can be absorbed, and some can be as laminar air flow foreclosure openings through the autopsy table surface of the blow. The resulting stable, strong air flow shall ensure that the relative small quantities of air, so the emitted energy costs are very low. Energy saving and reduced noise.

  • Technical data

Length: 2400 mm

  • Width: 1080 mm

  • Height: 400 mm

  • Weight: 95 kg

  • Air flow: 750 m3h

  • Szórástávolság: 3000 mm

  • Lighting: 3 or 6 Luminux de Lux TL 58 W12

  • Canopy flow within 6-8 ° inclination:

  • Colour rendering: 1 grade 95 °

  • Color temperature: 5400 Kelvin

  • Light surface: 2,5 m2

  • Hole distance: 10-16 mm (adjustable)

  • Pressure loss 40 Pa

  • Power: 3 fluorescent lamps. 213 W fluorescent lamps, 6 kb. 360 W

Pathological opening table

Standard Equipment
The desktop, seamlessly deep-drawing of the superstructure as well as swimming pool made of stainless steel 1.4301 cokers. The smell and the extraction of a hazardous substance on the surface of the desk, three-part stainless perforated, removable disk through the institution's central exhaust system is bound to happen. The most optimal option 4 screw extraction from formalin. The pool is controlled by built-in manually drain faucet with thermostatic mixer and appliance, two-stage pull-out handspray. To start specially designed lamp-illuminated Magnifier-fixture is wired. Clipboard, black point and measuring tape. Formalin nozzle.


Starter desktop
(the sitting workplace is optimally designed)

  • Height: 780 mm

  • Length: 1700 mm

  • Rear 50 mm with flange

Body washing pool:

  • Length: 400 mm

  • Width: 400 mm

  • Depth: 200 mm

Body balance

Desktop version

Hanging design

Stainless steel, fully automatic operation. Weight display is easy to read and exatly solvable.

  • Measuring range: 24 kg

  • Full-scale deflection: kb. from 400 mm

  • Overall size: 240x410x730 mm

Stainless steel, fully automatic operation. Weight display is easy to read and exactly solvable.

  • Measuring range: 9 kg

  • Full-scale deflection: kb. Ø 300 mm

  • Depth: 120 mm

Autopsy (skull) saw (de Soutter type)
Standard Equipment
The NS3 arrive De Soutter Medical model of a low-voltage autopsy, autopsy saws designed for use with IP 67 fully insulated model that can be cleaned thoroughly after every use disinfect. The CNS or more powerful suction removes the slash from the bone at the site of debris and steam vapor. These tiny particles, chips the extractor through the tube into the dust collector bag.

Technical data

  • The maximum health and safety rules, saw light.

  • Against electric shock grade: B

  • Protection class against electric shock: 1. Allot. Grounded.

NS3 autopsy saws:

  • Voltage: DC voltage of 40 V dc

  • Current: 0.5 A

  • Power consumption: 120 W

  • Oscillating frequency: 14000 cycle/min

  • Noise level: 70 DB

  • Cable length: 4 m

  • Protection: IP 68 submersible in water up to 1 m

NS3 power supply:

  • Voltage: 230 V AC 50-60 Hz

  • Output voltage: DC voltage of 40 V dc

  • Performance: max. 150W

  • Facilities: 2T2A 220-240 V AC

  • 2*T4A 100-120V AC

  • Protection: IP 67 protection against droplet

CNS suction unit:

  • Voltage: 230 V AC 50-60 Hz

  • Current: 5 A

  • Power: 1000 W

  • Extraction: 2500 mm Water Gauge

  • Filter efficiency: 99,9970, 5ym

  • Zajszint: 58 DB (A)

  • Turn on off: automatic, manual

  • Protection: normal

  • Insurers: 2T6, 3A (220-240 V)

  • Tested with: IEC 601-1: 1988BS5724: Pt1: 1989

  • Supplied accessories

16892: 76 mm saw disc

  • 16902: 63,5 mm saw disc

  • 16992: 63,5 mm Segmental saw disc

  • 16932: 51 mm saw disc

  • 116942: 51 mm Radius of the saw disc

  • 1100: 22 mm Radius of the saw disc

  • Allen keys

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